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Friday, November 4th

6:30 to 9pm

Snacks & Dessert*

Ministry Boutique




Saturday, November 5th

9am to 1pm



Morning Snacks & Boxed Lunch*

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Do you ever feel like giving up?

Throwing your hands up in the air and walking away? Are you burdened, weighed down, wearied by the things of life?

Have you ever just wanted to quit in your marriage, quit on your kids, your co-workers, the friend who says things that hurt you, the messiness in your church, or the brokenness of our culture? 

If your answer is "yes," then you are not alone!

Spoiler alert: Even if you do not feel like giving up today, even if weariness has not set in, you will feel like giving up soon, weariness will set in. 

This life is a long unfolding of the Lord's story of redemption, filled with body, heart, and soul-wearying things. The pressures and pains often threaten to undo us. But we do not have to be undone! 

You're Invited to Join us...

...as we dig into how we can find joy, peace, love, hope, and life in the midst of wanting to quit

...as we journey together in finding our endurance and daily fighting for it

 ...and be encouraged to step into your next season with the confidence you need to endure. 

Get to know our guest speaker, Becky Shultz

Worship led by

Chylee Thompson

Ministry Boutique featuring local women called to support and encourage women to endure

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