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April 5, 2020


 Winning The Invisible War

 “Self-Destructive BITTERNESS”

Romans 8:19-32, Luke 19:41-42

Current Sermon Series

Our new Christian nature is always at war with our old nature. There are seven weapons Satan uses against us—shame, uncontrolled thoughts, compulsions, fear, hopelessness, bitterness, and insecurity.  Because he loves us, God has given us shields against them all. We can 1) remind ourselves daily what Jesus did for us; 2) ask the Holy Spirit to give us better thoughts; 3) realize we have a new ability to say “no”; 4) turn our thoughts to God whenever we are afraid; 5) focus on the long-term, not the short-term; 6) remind ourselves that God is always in control; and 7) trust that God will never stop loving me. Join us as we explore Romans chapter 8 together.